Fool's Blade Launches on Kickstarter



CircleToonsHD is Kickstarting a Sword Game Board Game


Los Angeles – July 21st, 2023 - CircleToonsHD, a youtube comedy animation channel with 2.5 million subscribers, is making his dream a reality with the launch of Fool’s Blade. After years of creating content focused on video games, tabletop gaming, and role playing games, channel founder Christian Brantley has poured his creative efforts into his very own tabletop game, combining a fun mix of Munchkin meets DnD meets Voltron. You can help fund the game’s development now by visiting the Kickstarter | Foolsblade. 

How the Game Works

Players start in the Tavern, where friendships are made and subsequently shattered immediately. Choose between going on Quests for gear to wear and spells to cast, visiting the Forge to craft your perfect sword out of tens of thousands of combinations, or going Monster Hunting in 3 diversely difficult monster decks. Slay these dangerously dumb creatures to draw Loot cards, powerful weapon pieces, or luxurious trinkets. Collect the most treasure and establish yourself as the best adventurer while sabotaging your friends' journeys to win!

The game includes 235 cards, 6 dice, adventure guide, and a creative sword-shaped box.

"I've always been obsessed with RPGs, D&D, card games, that sorta stuff… and I've always dreamt of making a game like this. Years ago, the first time I overlapped the sword pieces as a test, something inside my brain exploded and I knew I had to make this into an actual game. Seeing it come together with the help of my friends has genuinely been a dream come true, plus it's just really damn fun to play, that's a plus haha."

Years of creating relatable meta-commentary on video and tabletop gaming has provided Brantley with a unique perspective. He seamlessly blends the most enjoyable elements from these beloved genres and creates an experience that is fun, familiar, and incredibly creative. This is a game for people that like to play games, created by a guy who loves games.


Pledge Levels / Rewards

Backing this project is simple, ranging from $25 to $100. 

  • Tier 1: $25 gets you the game itself
  • Tier 2: $40 gets you the game, plus a 30 card expansion.
  • Tier 3: $100 is limited to 20 backers and includes the previous two tier rewards, a signed card, and a Discord art session with Christian Brantly himself, in which he will draw custom art for the lucky doner. 

"Yeah I'm really excited for the tier 3 pledge. I think hanging out and drawing with my fans is gonna be super dope."

This campaign will run on Kickstarter until August 23rd, 2023. You can support Fool’s Blade on Kickstarter by going to

About Christian Brantley & CircletoonsHD

Christian Brantley is a creator from the Old Bay Seasoning drenched end-game area of Maryland. He makes some of the best/worst MS Paint cartoons about video games, movies, and dumb memes. His channel CircleToonsHD has amassed nearly 2.5 million subscribers! Also this was written by his intern Grubo, who only gets paid in acorns and tree bark. If anyone knows anyone that's looking to hire a 2 foot cave-dwelling creature, please give them my email. I can't keep doing this.